How to create a brand of attraction to have donors flowing to you.


Courageous Communication

How Co-dependence is Making Your Nonprofit Brand Boring and What to Do About It

Does your nonprofit do amazing work, yet you don’t get the attention you need or deserve to attract the supporters and those much-needed funds? Are you so worried about what everyone will think that you don’t always stand up for what you believe in? Courageous Communication will teach you how to stop trying to please everyone and develop a strong organizational personality, to attract like-minded supporters and raise more money.

Courageous Communication will shift your organization’s culture from one that is worried about what could happen to one that is confident in your value, expertise, and vision



Maryanne has such a gut-level understanding of branding and communications planning that she makes it look easy. People always come away from her seminars, group facilitations, and focus groups with a better understanding of their own organization’s brand and communications strategy.
— Lynn deLearie Consulting, LLC

Maryanne Dersch captures and dissects the virtues and challenges of honest of clear communication with donors. She gives nonprofits the permission they need to be truthful when everything is NOT coming up roses.
— Carol Weisman, MSW, CSP, President, Board Builders

Half Nonprofit Guru
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Hello. I'm Maryanne...

I am a speaker, author, trainer, coach, confidant and bad ass karaoke singer. I am starting a revolution and I want you to join me. Imagine marketing and fundraising with ease and joy. Imagine getting the attention you deserve and attracting loyal, long-term donors because of it.  

I developed Courageous Communication to help clients see the worth of their organizations and bring their authentic personalities to life. For your organizations to stand strong in your message, understand its authentic personality and share compelling stories rooted in truth. You can have this. I can help.

When Maryanne speaks, she instantly involves them with her upbeat and enthusiastic style. Whether a 45-minute keynote or a three-hour workshop, Maryanne has the qualities, knowledge and passion that bring a topic, an issue, a solution, to life and keep the audience absolutely enthralled.
— Amy Cole Buehler, Program Director/Faculty - Nonprofit Management Masters Program, Washington University in St. Louis
The key to nonprofit sustainability starts with clear, concise and COMPELLING communication. This is THE book nonprofits need to read this year. It’s not just about the message, it’s about communicating with confidence, standing tall, and letting like-minded people come to you. Fantastic!
— Rob Lowe, Giving Back podcast


Naked courage on display

Thank you to the organizers of HerTomorrow - Women Thinking, Speaking, Leading conferenceI grabbed my gloves and boa and talked about how my journey into burlesque made me a better nonprofit consultant and person. I talked about how being naked and afraid can move you towards self acceptance, how to manage critics, (including your own), and to share your authentic self as people and as organizations to attract the support you need to reach your goals. I was fortunate enough to close out the afternoon and also fortunate that my ideas on managing criticism rang true for the audience.  It was a blast and I met so many fabulous women who shared their stories. If you want to learn how to attract the supporters you need and deserve, click the contact button below.

Leopard in the house. Cute booties from Shoedazzle. They paired great with distressed denim jeans and my green army jacket.    Check out my shoe collection on  Instagram!

Leopard in the house. Cute booties from Shoedazzle. They paired great with distressed denim jeans and my green army jacket.

Check out my shoe collection on Instagram!

OMG Those Shoes!

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