Custom training to increase influence, income and impact

Board Training to go from SURVIVE to THRIVE

Most nonprofits live in one of three areas


Your organization lacks leadership, has an ineffective or inactive board. It is driven by one person and if that person were to leave, the organization would not survive. Every day is a struggle for dollars and some programs are in danger of stopping.


Your organization has some stability, a somewhat active board but there is a struggle mindset that often reveals itself in envy for other organizations. You feel like you will never be that big, charge that much for a gala, have that great of a board. The focus moved from survival to now being aware of the competitive landscape but you don’t know how to compete.


Your organization has stabilized. There is a board, a donor base and the money comes in and goes out. Fundraising and program growth is stagnant. Everyone feels relieved to be out of the daily struggle, so growth is not really a priority. The problem here is if you don’t grow you will die and could easily slip back down to complete or survive modes.


A few nonprofits live in these areas…


This is where the energy starts to shift. Organizations are committed to growing their impact and in order to that, they commit to growing their income and influence. There is a commitment to learn new ways of leadership, new styles of communication and an openness to taking risks and fostering trust. Organizations in this phase are excited to communicate more effectively internally to grow their influence externally. They have a story they want to share and feel a renewed sense of energy and purpose.


Your organization’s leadership is secure, productive and engaged, board and staff understand the value of your work and communicate it with ease, there is an ease to the flow of communication up and down the hierarchical ladder. There is an energy around your organization that attracts new donors. You communicate with confidence and connect easily with new supporters.

90 percent of nonprofits live in the first three milestones.
Where does your nonprofit live? Is it where you want to be?

How can you go from SURVIVE to THRIVE?

Seven-step process to go from Survive to Thrive

  1. Defining the problems in board leadership

  2. Building your leadership capacity

  3. Setting goals and direction in strategic planning

  4. Alignment and integrity with your organization’s mission

  5. Understanding, owning and sharing your value

  6. Creating strong and supportive internal communications

  7. Leading outside the nonprofit to be an advocate on local, state or national levels

Training can be customized to walk through all steps or do a deep dive into one or two specific steps.Boards are the single most important ingredient when it comes to making lasting change. If you are ready to make a bigger impact, let’s talk.