you can't bore them into paying attention

What is Courageous Communication?

Nonprofit fundraising is not easy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could attract more long-term committed donors year after year? “If only it were that easy,” you might think. With the right guidance and innovative strategy in place, it can be. Courageous Communication flips the script on nonprofit communications. Instead of trying to convince people of the worth of your organization, you learn to be strong in message and purpose to attract like-minded people to your organization. The less you care about what people think, they more they will be attracted to you. It sounds crazy but the most successful nonprofits are doing and saying interesting things and know that they won't please everyone, and that's okay. 

Courageous Communication will teach you to stop being boring and start getting results with your communications efforts. 

  1. How to stop making decisions based on fear of who you might offend and make them on what's best for your organization and those you serve.

  2. To create messages that attract and move like-minded supporters to action.

  3. How to stop spending time and money on communications strategies that don't get results.

  4. How to attract long-term, loyal donors who trust your organization and believe in your vision.

  5. To stop fearing any bit of criticism and start embracing a confident and strong organizational image.

  6. Spend time and money on those supporters who will stay with you.

  7. To train board, committees and leadership to manage criticism speak confidently about your organization.