Keynote speaking

Maryanne is an experienced keynote speaker who can talk about a variety of subjects around nonprofit fundraising and nonprofit marketing.

Her keynotes are not about giving tips and information but how to transform a risk-averse nonprofit culture into one that is confident in its value, expertise and vision.  Topics include:

  • Seven Myths of Nonprofit Communication and How They are Costing You Exposure, Supporters and Dollars

  • The Joy and Ease of Fundraising: How to find the right donors to make your fundraising efforts energy-rich and fruitful

  • The Secret to Getting Attention: How to Stop Being Boring and Start Getting Results

  • Naked Courage! What My Journey into Burlesque Taught Me about Nonprofit Communication...and Life

  • Swipe Right for Donors: How Nonprofit Fundraising is like Online Dating

  • Get Off The Communications Treadmill: How to Figure Out What is Working, What is Not and Finding the Courage to Change.

If you are looking for mind-blowing topics that will change but how your organization thinks and functions, you will not be disappointed. She deliver talks with smarts, enthusiasm and humor, all in five-inch platforms. Your group will educated, entertained, and get to wonder how she walks in those shoes all day.