I have been talking Courageous Communication™ to outlets all over the country.

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Here’s why you need SEO…unless you don’t need any new web traffic, but I know you do! Plus some tips to increase your SEO today.

Giving Back Podcast

Series of four podcasts discussing my seven-step signature series for creating a brand of attraction.

‘This podcast is part one of a four-part workshop series with Maryanne Dersch. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be hearing Maryanne break down what you need to do to get the attention you need to attract long-term, loyal donors. Who is Maryanne? She is a non-profit speaker, author, and coach. She’s starting a revolution within human investment companies so that they are always filled with abundance, joy, and energy. “

Nonprofit Radio

“Maryanne Dersch says your nonprofit may be codependent and it’s stifling your communications. Are you afraid to stand out? Do you prefer middle-of-the road content to driving on the sidewalk? She may be right.”

Chronicle of Philanthropy

Some long-held beliefs of nonprofit communicators don't serve nonprofits well and may even be harmful. These myths could be costing you donor dollars, and they make the job of nonprofit communicators harder. Here are four beliefs to cast aside ―and what to do instead. Member only content, check my blog to read it.


Learn how to create messages that move people to action. This is content only for International Association of Business Communicator members, so I also added the content to my blog so you can read the article.

Talking to Teens podcast (scheduled to release in January)

My daughter Jazz and I shared our experiences with her coming out as transgender. I will post a link as soon as I get one.


Feature on my daughter Jazz for National Coming Out Day on Ashton Kutcher’s website and how to apply the principles of Courageous Communication™ to family life.

THE NATASHA HALL SHOW [CJAD-AM Newstalk Montreal 800] -

National Coming Out Day interview on how scary it is to come out transgender to your family. Another interview with Jasmine and me.

Money for Lunch

Talking nonprofits and moving from a model of abundance instead of scarcity and The Big Lie of philanthropy with Bert Martinez

Stacy Knows website

Talking about how my journey in burlesque made me a better person.

Thrive Global

Article about my and my husband’s decision to adopt instead of have children.