Nonprofit Leadership: I AM STARTING A REVOLUTION

I am starting a revolution. Join me.

As nonprofit leaders, staff, consultants and supporters: Let’s stop operating from a place of scarcity and fear. Let’s operate from abundance and confidence.

It starts with our name. NONprofit. It says what are not: makers of profit. And besides, that’s not even correct. We do make profit, we roll it back into the company.

NONPROFIT doesn’t work. It focuses on the negative of what we don’t have instead of focusing on the service we provide, the change we make in the world, the way we support humanity.


Would you rather work for a nonprofit or a HUMAN INVESTMENT COMPANY?

Let’s stop being tired and scared. Let’s start being excited to bring resources to those who need them and to connect with our donors in support of our shared humanity. Let’s create space for all of us to have all we need to thrive. Let’s focus on what we want (investment in the future of each other) instead of what we don’t wan’t (profits). We will stop operating from a place of weakness and powerlessness. We will stand strong in our mission, our brand and the gifts we bring to our world that are worthy of investment.

This is my declaration.

This is my vision.

Let’s do this.

Maryanne Dersch