Hang on and enjoy the ride

My friends, 2018 has been a wild ride. So many births and deaths. The birth of my book and business parallel to the decline and death of my mother. The loss of a son and the gain of a daughter. All these changes are swirling around me.

Yesterday was my first book signing at a conference filled with colleagues, clients and friends. I was so proud to have my book there and share my accomplishment. It was a big high in the roller coaster that is my life. I was met with so much love and compassion for me and my family. It was fabulous to feel. Next week I start with my "publicity team" (I am so fancy!) to promote the book.

I know that it is going to be a lot of ups and downs but I have everything I need to handle this.  I will freak out, I will fall, I will make mistakes, And I have friends, family and mentors who will pull me through. I have all I need to manage this and be successful, and if I don't, I have the skills and strength to go find it. 




Maryanne Dersch