Nonprofit Marketing Plan: Why make a bigger mountain to climb. Start working toward your goals today.

I get asked this a lot: When is the right time to create a marketing or fundraising plan?

My answer: NOW.

Why? Because it is always a good time to create action toward your goals. Organizations want the perfect setting or that magical unicorn time when they aren’t busy. Those two conditions will never happen. There will always be transition and time demands.

Every day you put off working toward your goals, you are creating a bigger mountain to climb. If you have fundraising goals for 2019, what are you doing this quarter, this week, this day to meet those goals?

Most nonprofits, more than 65 percent, don’t have a fundraising plan. Hopes and wishes are not fundraising strategies.

A battle plan rarely survives contact with the enemy and a marketing plan rarely survives the market. Yet your success is increased because of your ability to set goals and determine the steps needed to achieve those goals on a yearly, quarterly, monthly and daily basis.

If you want to meet your goals, make a plan. And then work that plan every single day.

Want help planning to reach your goals? I can help. My methodology ensures your plan won’t sit on a shelf. Shoot me an email at and we will schedule a time to talk. I want you to be successful! Everything is achievable with the right strategy. If I can’t help you, I will refer you to someone who can.

Maryanne Dersch