Nonprofit marketing: What do an iconic 80s hairstyle and your SEO results have in common?

Last week I spent three days doing a deep dive into how to dominate online. I attended Findability University in Las Vegas. And I learned A LOT. Like the deep dive became a drowning situation at one point.

It was a great experience, and now that I know how to be findable on line, and I will teach you. The next two blog posts will be tips on maximizing your organization's SEO so people can find you.

(And by happy accident, the off-strip casino next door to my hotel had "Voted Best Karaoke in Vegas," so I may have made my way over there a time or two.)

Which brings me to that iconic 80s hairdo I mentioned: the mullet. Just so you know i am authentic 80s girl, I posted a photo of me and my mullet, plus a few lesser known folks. Feel free to giggle,

What does a mullet have to do with SEO and your ability to be found online?

A mullet is business in the front, party in the back, right? And that's how you create online content. 

Start with the keywords your audience uses, then add your own. Business first, party second. Connect with them, then take them with you. 

Say my keywords are nonprofit fundraising. So if I wrote an article, "5 Ways you are losing donor dollars, and how to stop," and put that on my site and on social media or on other websites, I am losing out because I am starting with the party.  It is about nonprofit fundraising but it doesn’t say that.

Here's how to use the mullet approach.

"Nonprofit Fundraising Tips: Five ways your nonprofit fundraising efforts are losing donor dollars, and how to stop."

Now I got my business in the front by adding that headline, and my party in the back with the subhead language I was using already. AND even worked a little more business into the party by adding "nonprofit fundraising" into the subtitle. Crushing it!

Lesson for today: lead with their language, not yours. 

How do you know what their language is? Oh my friends, that is a lesson for next week. I will teach you how search and find the keywords your audiences use so you can connect with them. This was a huge eye-opener for me. I searched nonprofit marketing, 210 searches a month. I searched non profit marketing, with the space: 1,600 searches a month! WHO IN THE WORLD uses a space? Apparently, a lot of people. Woah. I now have the tools to know what people are looking for, and I will teach you.

If you want to learn more smart stuff like this, schedule you attraction audit today! I would be happy to take a look at your brand and help you create a stronger one. No obligation, no weirdness. I want to help.

Maryanne Dersch