Nonprofit Marketing & Fundraising: I love Rob Lowe, and you will too!

Sometimes, you just get lucky and the universe sends you Rob Lowe.

A few months ago, my business coach said, “You have got to meet this guy Rob Lowe, you two are really going to do great things.” OK, not the Rob Lowe you are probably thinking of...

THIS Rob Lowe runs an amazing podcast, Giving Back, that features stories of nonprofits doing great work and the people who manage them. EVEN BETTER!

My business coach was right. Besides making a wonderful friend, I made a professional partnership. 

From that partnership came something for you: FOUR episodes of the Giving Back podcast devoted to my Seven Steps to Attracting Your Dream Donors. Each episode has TWO STEPS to create a brand of attraction, with a BONUS step at the end. There are even worksheets! We spared nothing!

Rob gave so generously of his time, talent and podcasting mojo to create this with me and I am thrilled to share it with you.

Get ready lead the way in generating funds, people, resources to you. It can happen. Listen and learn!

Click here and get started now! Also, to get the most out of each episode, listen in order because we build on each step. 

Thanks to Rob and his generosity for bringing this information to you…we hope you love it and learn from it. Feel free to comment on what resonated with you the most about this episode.