Nonprofit Marketing: Mind, matter, quantum physics and why your website sucks

When clients or potential clients call with a communication challenge, such as:

  • Our website is not effective as it could be

  • We are struggling writing compelling messaging for our appeal letters

  • Our social media is not gaining traction

I ask the question:

What do you think is keeping you from having a better outcome?

I am looking for blocks or barriers that are keeping your marketing from being as effective as it could be.

Because here’s the secret.

Your organization’s ability to communicate effectively externally is dependent on how well your organization communicates internally.


It makes sense, right? The more you are aligned as an organization, the better story you will tell to your audiences and potential audiences.

So how do you communicate more effectively internally to get better results externally? This is where quantum physics come in.

Quantum physics says everything is energy, generated from atoms and particles. Energy is all around us and we are constantly emitting energy. Our thoughts and feelings are energy that creates our reality.

The kind of energy we emit is the kind we attract. If this sounds wacky, think about this. Have you ever met someone and got a bad vibe, to the point you can feel your body moving away from them? Or have the opposite experience when you meet a person and they are giving you great energy and you are drawn to them. You feel more energetic, hopeful or happy just being next to them.

This happens in groups too. We have committees or meetings and the energy vibrations are low and we are drained being there. Then there are experiences in groups where energy vibrations are high and all of a sudden, new possibilities, solutions or ideas are everywhere.

Creating those high vibration, energy-rich states is key to creating a healthy internal atmosphere. Creations are dictated by the energy that creates it. If your organization is creating in fear, shame, guilt, pride or envy, those are low energy states and what you create won’t be as successful. Creative atmospheres that are about support, trust, cooperation, exploration and excitement will create better outcomes.

When you are in an energy-rich state, you see possibilities and connections. And here’s the wacky thing, is that those possibilities always existed, you or your organization wasn’t in a position to access them. In some quantum theory, parallel universes exist where you connect to those possibilities. Yeah, that’s pretty freaky to think about. Yet we have all been in those situations where we get in the flow and in an energy-rich state and the possibilities and opportunities flow in amazing and unexpected ways.

So once you understand that your thoughts and feelings create energy, and the energy you give is the energy you receive, you can start working toward higher energy states. Awareness, as always, is the first step.

When I work with clients, we solve the presenting problem or communication challenge, and also develop better internal communication so they can keep creating great outcomes.

If you want to learn more, check out Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

And book or not, start focusing on the energy you create and operating at higher levels. You will be amazed what you get back.

Until next time, shine bright my beautiful energy-rich superstar.

Maryanne Dersch