Nonprofit Marketing: Why your Facebook post are irritating

We have all seen it: the “vague booking” post that goes something like this:

“I am having such a bad day.”

“Good things are coming soon.”

“I wonder if it is all worth it?”

What is coming? What is worth it? What happened to your day?

Where’s the rest of the story?

Those posts are irritating because they are emotion without experience.

Here’s the other kind of irritating post…another food picture, another sunset, another photo of song display on the radio. These are experiences that don’t speak to us because the storyteller is not sharing emotion.

Experience plus emotion creates a memory and when we share a memory it is a story.


Your posts are experiences plus emotion, make them even better for the reader by sharing something of value to them. For every story there is an outside story, which is the actual narrative, and an INSiDE story, which is the lesson learned. What can your reader gain from the story you are sharing? That is the what makes a story memorable.

One way to make sure your posts are memorable is to allow the reader to see inside it and gain value and perspective from it. Check out the post from Free Mom Hugs Missouri. Note the post encapsulates the longer article with a story story based in experience and emotion, and giving us a bit of inside story, “A friend is always necessary.”

Maryanne Dersch