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Nonprofit fundraising: I know you are a giver, but are you a receiver?

In the last few days I got two unexpected gifts. One, a Stanley Cup championship T-Shirt from my friend Sonja who owns a t-shirt company, and a beautiful necklace from a colleague, Jennifer. Jennifer sent me a necklace in the MAIL with a handwritten note! The note said she loves my passion for my work and wanted me to know. Sonja brought the t-shirt by my house on her way to the championship parade so I would have it to wear for that day (and what a day it was!). I told my husband: what joy it is to receive these awesome gifts!

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Nonprofit Fundraising: how to find interested donors at events

It’s trivia season in St. Louis and I have something to teach you about how to be a better fundraiser when you have big events like this. Today’s topic is how to understand the relationship of commitment and compliance, along with how to identify it, so you find prospective donors at your events.

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Nonprofit Fundraising: how our money mindset affects our ability to raise money...or not

You may be an awesome fundraiser, but maybe you're surrounded by people who aren’t (your board, your staff, your committees) and you wish they could be more effective. If you want to raise more money and you don't know quite how to connect with it, then read on

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