Nonprofit Fundraising: The Big Lie. I've told it, and I am sorry

You’ve heard the big lie. I heard the big lie. Heck, I’ve even told the big lie. And I realized, it is a lie…a story we told ourselves long ago that we believe today. A story we don’t challenge because we can’t see another way. I am sorry I bought into this myth. I have evolved my thinking and I want you to as well.

There are only so many dollars available for philanthropy and we need to get the biggest slice possible.

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Maryanne Dersch
Nonprofit Communication: You can't change minds, so stop trying

I just watched a 9-minute video of Anderson Cooper debunking Donald Trump Jr.’s assertion that Cooper staged a shot of himself standing in waist-deep Hurricane Florence floodwaters to make President Trump look bad. Cooper showed that the photo in question was from a video clip of Hurricane Ike in Texas circa 2008. Cooper admitted in the video that he usually doesn’t address his critics but this time he felt called to do so, especially because the cameraman shown in the video died a year ago.

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