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Tired of working hard to raise money and never raising enough?

  • You feel like every day is a desperate search for donor dollars, with no end in sight

  • You don’t have the time or energy to find new donors, much less care for the ones you have

  • You want to connect and convert new donors and it feels impossible in a crowded marketplace

  • You would love some coaching or consulting and don’t have the budget and are caught in the “training trap” of not having money to pay a consultant to help you raise money

Help is here!

What if there were a system that was easy to implement, accessible in price and allowed you to implement a marketing program that had DONORS coming to YOU instead of you chasing them.

80 percent of fundraising comes from individuals. Your ability to find and attract them to your organization is key to your long-term growth, in any political climate, economy or circumstance.

I have worked with 100s of nonprofit clients to help them create brands that attract donors, volunteers, program participants, whatever they needed (although let’s be real, most of us need the donor dollars) to their organizations.

I took this experience and condensed it into my an 8 module course: Superstar Fundraising Academy.

No hourly fees, no proposals, no big price tag.

This online course is yours to learn and access at any time.

You will…

  • Have donors flocking to you like fans flock to superstars so you can raise more money

  • Know the the NUMBER ONE SECRET to break through the clutter and find new donors

  • Understand your organization’s unique brand and how to use it to attract donors

  • Implement specific strategies to make marketing for fundraising automatic, easy and FUN!

  • Make everything you do more effective so you have the time and money to grow your organization

No matter your budget, the size of your donor base or the number of employees, this 8-Step program can work for you.

It’s now available, and I invite you to enroll today. 

Learn how to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of your current marketing so you know where to spend your time and money, eliminate waste and reduce unproductive hours…that’s right: work less and get better results

  • Determine your best donor prospects and the tools to reach them

  • Create a brand promise to create an emotional connection because that is the first and most important step to attract donors

  • Develop a main message and talking points that gets people well…talking! My 10-step process to develop a main message or tagline would have cost you $3,000 to have me do it. And I will teach you how

  • Make marketing and fundraising easier by finding and connecting with like-minded donors…no more trying to convince people to care. This methodology will connect you to people who share your passions

  • Get marketing and fundraising to be a team effort in your organization because you can’t do it alone.

  • Implement this process over and over again…this information is yours to use, forever! I teach you everything I would do myself for higher priced clients

Get Immediate Access!

  • $795 or 3 payments of $265

Happy Superstars tell their stories:

“Our experience was transformational. Superstar Fundraising will propel our organization to the next level with funding. It was just what we needed to realize our power.”
Sayer Johnson, Metro Trans Umbrella Group

“The Superstar Fundraising course gave us the confidence and the roadmap to raise $500,000 in additional revenue this year. “
Melanie Scheetz, Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition

“Maryanne Dersch is everything you would want in a trainer. She is warm, engaging, fun, impeccably informed, and relatable. She provides information that is useful, causes you to think, and all in a way that is respectful to audiences of any skill or background.”
Julie Turner, Nonprofit Administration, Lindenwood University

Nonprofits NEED this information. The key to sustainability is clear, concise and COMPELLING communication and Superstar Fundraising will teach you how to create that for your organization. I have recommended this course to my listeners.”
Rob Lowe, Giving Back Podcast

This was an amazing opportunity to learn new ideas about fundraising and be able to incorporate them into our non-profit. Maryanne is amazing!”
Elaine Brune, Metro Trans Umbrella Group

Money Back Guarantee

Complete all the modules, do the worksheets, complete the one-on-one coaching, give me one last chance to help…if you are still not satisfied, your money back.

Enroll today and start raising more money!

Download a one-sheet with all Superstar Fundraising offerings here.

Have questions? Not sure if this is for you? Schedule an attraction audit with me. No muss, no fuss. I won’t “sell” you…if I can’t help I will let you know who can.