Maryanne is an experienced speaker who can talk about a variety of subjects around nonprofit fundraising and nonprofit marketing.

Her programs are not about giving tips and information but how to transform a risk-averse nonprofit culture into one that is confident in its value so it can raise more money.

Topics include:

  • Seven Myths of Nonprofit Communication and How They are Costing You Exposure, Supporters and Dollars

  • Proven Power Words: How to Be a Cunning Communicator and Never Feel Powerless Again

  • Superstar Fundraising: The 8 Steps to Have Donors Flock to You Like Fans Flock to Superstars

  • Fearless Fundraising: How to Remove Fear and Doubt so You can Receive What You Want and Need

  • Marketing Espionage: How to Spy on Yourself or Anyone Else to Leverage Your Online Presence

  • The Joy and Ease of Fundraising: How to find the right donors to make your fundraising efforts energy-rich and fruitful

  • The Secret to Getting Attention: How to Break Through the Communications Clutter and Attract New Donors

  • Naked Courage! What My Journey into Burlesque Taught Me about Nonprofit Communication...and Life

  • Swipe Right for Donors: How Nonprofit Fundraising is like Online Dating

  • Get Off The Communications Treadmill: How to Figure Out What is Working, What is Not and Finding the Courage to Change.

If you are looking for mind-blowing topics that will change but how your organization thinks and functions, you will not be disappointed. She deliver talks with smarts, enthusiasm and humor, all in five-inch platforms. Your group will educated, entertained, and get to wonder how she walks in those shoes all day.

Download her Speaker Bio here

“Maryanne is everything you would want in a speaker. She is engaging, fun, impeccably informed, and relatable.”
— — Julie Turner, Lindenwood University