Superstar Fundraising Workshops

There’s never enough time, money or internal support for you to achieve this at the level you know possible.

The reason why that is happening is because we operate out of fear: fear of saying or doing something that someone won’t like and losing a donor or supporter. So we send safe messages that don’t connect with anyone. 

Imagine your entire organization standing strong in the brand, speaking with the confidence that best supports those you serve. Imagine communicating and fundraising that’s fun, enjoyable, and most of all, successful. Superstar Fundraising workshop will make your brand shine and attract the long-term, loyal donors you need and deserve. 

My personal promise as your leader, coach and facilitator is to be 100 percent devoted to taking you on this transformational journey and working with your organization as a whole to create a culture that supports your brand and mission. I am committed to relieving the pain of feeling like there’s not enough money, time or attention and creating an organization that stands strong in its mission, its brand and the gifts it brings to the world that are worthy of investment.