Courageous Change Workshops: Three days to more money, members, participants (or whatever you need) with less effort and bigger results

  • Are you exhausted from trying to get attention and feeling like no one cares?

  • Do you feel isolated and alone in trying to solve communication challenges?

  • Do you want to get attention in a crowded marketplace to find loyal, long-term donors?

  • Do you struggle with internal politics and your messaging is weak and boring because of it?

  • Does your fundraising struggle because your board doesn’t know what to say or fears fundraising?

  • Do you want everyone in your human investment company (you may know them as nonprofits) to communicate with pride and ease?

  • Do you want marketing and fundraising to be easy, fun and joyful?

Start 2019 with a plan that will change how your organization feels, thinks and acts around communications and marketing. If you are ready to stop being boring, and start getting results!

the workshops host up to three people from your organization so we can together create a plan that delivers real results.

In three days you will have:

  • 90-day jump start action plan with phase 2 and 3 implementation plansPlan includes 

    • Goals

    • Audiences

    • Messaging

    • Strategies for implementation including materials, digital, social media, SEO

  • A new approach to communications that builds confidence and pride in everyone in your organization

  • The strategies to FORGET THE FEAR of fundraising

  • Tools to implement a brand of attraction to connect with long-term, like-minded donors and raise more money

Contact Maryanne at 314-718-0635 for free Attraction Audit to see if this workshop is right for your organization. Space is limited!

January 9, 10, 11 —— booking fast!
At Cortex Innovation Community, St. Louis Missouri
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 9 am – 5 pm

February 27, 28, March 1
At Cortex Innovation Community, St. Louis Missouri
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 9 am – 5 pm

MAY 15, 16, 17

August 7, 8, 9

November 6, 7, 8

What do we do in three days? A LOT!

Day One

Introduction & Agenda
Avatar Development
Marketing Assessment

Day Two

Brand Pyramid
Belief Statements
Strategy Sessions

Day Three

Digital Marketing
SEO & Findability
Social Media
Collateral Materials
Plan Completion/Next Steps


Leave workshop with a completed marketing plan including:

  • 90 Day Jump Start

  • Phase 2

  • Phase 3

Plan includes 

  • Goals

  • Audiences

  • Messaging

  • Strategies for implementation including materials, digital, social media, SEO

What we cover:
Eight Signature Steps to a BRAND OF ATTRACTION

Step 1: Set goals

Start with developing goals for the changes you want to see.

Step 2: Avatar - Design your dream donor

To create a brand of attraction, the first thing you must do is get clear on who you want to attract by creating an avatar.

Step 3: Marketing Assessment - Assess your current effectiveness

A brand assessment looks at your current strategies and how effective they are in communicating your brand to
your avatar.

Step 4: Brand Promise - Establish an emotional connection 

Your organization makes a promise to everyone it interacts with and it is called a brand promise

Step 5:  Main Message - Tell your audiences why they should care

Once you understand the promise you make, you can create a main message to share that promise to your avatar. 

Step 6:  Talking Points - Share your message with power and ease

The most common way audiences interact with brand is in person, and talking points allow you share your organization’s story with confidence and ease. 

Step 7:  Develop Materials - Adjust the brand to meet you avatar’s needs

Now that you know your avatar, brand promise, main message and talking points, grab that assessment and see where adjustments, changes or updates are needed. 

Step 8: Deliver plan - Go where your avatar is

Now that you’ve got your brand to attract that dream donor, you develop strategies to reach them.

Maryanne Dersch is everything you would want in a trainer. She is warm, engaging, fun, impeccably informed, and relatable. She provides information that is useful, causes you to think, and all in a way that is respectful to audiences of any skill or background. Highly recommend her!
— Julie Turner, Ph.D. Professor and Department Chair, Nonprofit Administration Lindenwood University

I know you want to get the attention you need and deserve to attract long-term, loyal donors.

The problem is it is hard to break through the clutter and connect with new donors while keeping up with your current donors.

There’s never enough time, money or internal support for you to achieve this at the level you know possible.

The reason why that is happening is because we operate out of fear: fear of saying or doing something that someone won’t like and losing a donor or supporter. So we send safe messages that don’t connect with anyone. 

Imagine your entire organization standing strong in the brand, speaking with the confidence that best supports those you serve. Imagine communicating and fundraising that’s fun, enjoyable, and most of all, successful. Courageous Change workshop will make your brand shine and attract the long-term, loyal donors you need and deserve. 

My personal promise as your leader, coach and facilitator is to be 100 percent devoted to taking you on this transformational journey and working with your organization as a whole to create a culture that supports your brand and mission. I am committed to relieving the pain of feeling like there’s not enough money, time or attention and creating an organization that stands strong in its mission, its brand and the gifts it brings to the world that are worthy of investment.