Hello. I'm Maryanne...

I am a nonprofit speaker, author, trainer, coach, confidant and bad ass karaoke singer. I've been working with nonprofits longer than I have been rocking the mic, helping clients stop being boring and start getting results. I molded this thinking after years working with hundreds of nonprofits as strategist and resident extrovert at 501creative and working in nonprofit organizations.

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I am starting a revolution and I invite you to join me. I want our human investment companies to be ones filled with abundance, joy and energy. So I am ditching the term nonprofit. Why define ourselves by what we don’t have? Let’s define ourselves by what we are: we create opportunities for human investment. That’s exciting stuff. Let’s not operate from fear or scarcity. Let’s operate from confidence and abundance.

We can’t change how we communicate without changing the culture that supports the communication. Courageous Communication helps your human investment company understand its gifts, stand in its power and communicate effectively. From board to staff to volunteers to clients, you will have a culture that embodies authentic communication. You will operate with confidence about what will happen instead of fear of what might happen.

I am known for my love of ultra high heels, extra large Diet Cokes, and short karaoke rotations. A few years ago I suffered a sports divorce, as my beloved Rams left me for California. Since then I have been casually dating the Minnesota Vikings and NBA basketball, but have not been in a long term relationship yet.